Content slider

The content slider does exactly, what its name says. Similar to the accordion the slider needs a wrapper start and stop. All elements placed between these wrapper elements represent the slided content.

The wrapper start element offers you some parameters to modify the slider:

  1. Sliding interval: the time in milliseconds a slide is displayed until it is replaced by the next
    one (1000 = 1s)
  2. Transition speed: the speed of the transition from slide to slide in milliseconds (1000 = 1s)
  3. Slide offset: setting a specific slide as the starting point, the counting starts at 0
  4. Continous: Make the slider start all over when reaching the end

To use it, jQuery or Mootools need to be enabled in the page layout and the corresponding j- or moo-template has to be added as well.

Contao Slider